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Grooming Your Pet Cavalier


Keeping your Cavalier looking his best is not difficult but proper grooming does require some diligence; there is no substitute daily care. Many professional groomers do not groom Cavaliers properly and your efforts will help your dog look his best.  

Develop the habit of cleaning under your Cavalier’s eyes every day. This takes less than two minutes of your time but will contribute greatly to your dog’s appearance.  Using a large cotton ball wipe under each eye with Diamond Eye or a similar product. Cavaliers have large eyes and a good portion of the eye is exposed to the elements. Dirt collects in the corners of the eye and excess tears create stain under the eyes. Cleaning and drying under the eyes daily will help prevent unattractive tear stains and the bacteria which may accompany neglected eyes.

If your puppy is very young he or she may have very little coat, but now is the time to accustom your Cavalier to being brushed and combed. Using a very soft bristle brush go over your puppy every day, preferably when he’s tired. This few minutes a day of pleasant brushing will teach the puppy to enjoy his grooming session. Once he is older you will still use the soft brush on his top coat but will also need a pin brush and a slicker brush for his ears and featherings.

The best brushes and combs are easily available through catalogs; pet stores rarely carry high quality grooming tools. A few well chosen brushes should last you for many years and are definitely worth the initial investment.

This is also the time to play with the puppy’s feet to help him become accustomed to the nail and foot trimming process. Keep the hair on the bottom of your Cavalier’s feet trimmed in order to prevent him from slipping on slick floors. Purchase a small, sharp, blunt nosed scissors for this process. Remove hair only from the underside of the foot, as Cavaliers should appear to have fluffy “slippers” on their feet.

The same training principle applies to the puppy’s teeth; when he’s tired run your finger around his mouth as though you were brushing them. He will soon realize that you are not hurting him, making the future brushing process easier.

Please do not hesitate to call us regarding any grooming questions.

Below is a short list of grooming materials you can purchase from dog supply catalogs. 

Tools -

Chris Christianson oval pin brush with 27 mm pins

Mason Pearson boar bristle, PSI bristle brush or Chris Christianson medium texture boar brush for finishing the top coat.

“Mini” Warner slicker or “Mark 1” Chris Christianson slicker for hocks and ears.


Shampoo: use one of the many “blue” whitening shampoos for feet, and choose your own favorite shampoo for the body. Chris Christiansen, #1 All Systems, Mr. Christal’s & Bio-Groom are among the lines of grooming products we prefer.

I use a tear-free shampoo for the top of the head and ears on babies.

Simple, human-grade lubricating eye drops are appreciated after a bath, especially on babies and sensitive adults.

Cream rinse – Bio-Groom Silk is a good product, but there are endless others.  

Use a waterless shampoo for quick clean ups. Kote-Glo, Self-Rinse by #1 All Systems, Quick Clean by Ring 5  work nicely.  Keep a spray bottle of waterless shampoo handy for instant clean-ups, especially the feet.   

Crown Royale Formula #2 Magic Touch spray will help brushes glide through long ears. Use sparingly.  

Toothbrush or textured finger cover and paste: brush once a day if you can, at least twice a week as a habit. This ounce of prevention will not only help save your dog’s teeth but may also contribute to better heart health over the life of the animal.  

Nail clipper & Kwick-Stop styptic powder for inadvertent close-shaves.

Trim nails once a week or bi-weekly at least. Please do not forget to trim any remaining dew claws.

Grown dogs can benefit from wearing a snood while they eat. This is simple cotton covering which prevents the ears from becoming covered with food. These can be found at shows or in some catalogs.  

Supplies -

Cherrybrook www.cherrybrook.com 1-800-524-0820
Foster & Smith www.Drsfostersmith.com  1-800-826-7206 
J-B Wholesale www.jbpet.com 1-800-526-0388
PetEdge www.PetEdge.com 1-800-738-3343